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Discover Freedom & Profitability™, the 90-day hybrid coaching program designed to help you eliminate years of trial and error, make more money, build an amazing team, and free your time to live your dream.

The Agonizing Death of a Small Business Dream

I understand how hard it can be to build a successful business that gives you the freedom.

I watched my dad build the largest producing agency in the state. Twice. In two different states. From the outside, life was great, but the reality behind the curtain was quite different. What few people saw was the overworked, tired, frustrated and burned out small business owner my dad had become.

After 25 years everything came crashing down. My dad burned out, closed his business, took a job at a local hardware store, and moved our family to the “other side of town.” For the next few years, our family struggled to stay together as we faced the dramatic change in lifestyle.

I remember my dad explaining that he just didn’t feel he was good enough at the business or at managing people, and he was tired of missing out on life for a dream that never would come true.

I didn’t realize it then, but those few years set off a chain of events that shaped my future.

More on that in a minute, but first…

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • If you feel like you work too many hours in your business for too little money…
  • If you’re frustrated by your employee’s performance and wish they would do what’s really needed instead of the minimum required…
  • And especially if you have ever felt like you’re just not good enough, you don’t know enough, or that you’re missing out on your best life for a dream that may never come true…

… then I want you to know, it is not an accident that you’re reading this. This message is for you because…

I’m here to tell you that you can make more money, build an amazing team, and free up your time to live your dream faster than you’ve ever thought possible. You have what it takes. You’re only missing a few pieces. And it doesn’t have to take 10, 15, or even 20 years, because your business breakthrough is closer than you think. 

But you need to understand one thing…

Doing it on Your Own Will Cost You More Time, More Money, and Require a Greater Sacrifice than it’s Worth.

Most business owners who feel trapped by their business try to get free by doubling down on the number of hours they work, or they invest tens of thousands of dollars in “magic-bullet marketing” tricks to sell their way out, or hire expensive consultants to fix what they broke. But for most people, none of that works.

  • All the extra hours make them frustrated, tired, or… worse yet, burned out — leaving them unable to keep all the plates spinning… you can’t keep this up for long.
  • Good strategy requires almost ZERO extra marketing cost to increase cash flow, sales, and take-home profit.
  • Expensive consultants take large sums of money to tell you what the problems are and even larger sums to fix them, yet in the end you still have to do the work and they don’t care as much about your success as you.

And what if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing, trying to figure it out on your own? You sacrifice 15 to 20 years of your life trying to make it on your own by trial and error; missing family, evenings, and weekends because you’re mentally stuck at work trying to come to a peaceful end before it starts all over again the next day… the next week… the next month.

I Found A Way To Get Free, And I Can Show You How

After I watched my dad’s business take every bit of him until there was nothing left to take. I made it my mission to discover what made some business owners wildly successful while others struggled year after year without realizing their dream. I spent the next 15 years studying how the most successful owners built wildly successful businesses. I tested the systems, tools, and strategies those businesses used to achieve the massive amounts of freedom and profitability they enjoy from their businesses. And along the way I started 3 companies of my own in 3 different industries.

I’ve discovered a common process that the successful entrepreneurs follow to free up their time, build high-performance teams they could trust, and dramatically increase their profits year after year. However, knowing the solution was not enough.

All the knowledge in the world doesn’t help anyone unless it is simple to use and gets real results… FAST.

So in 2011, I began creating a framework to help business owners achieve the breakthrough they wanted in their business and coached them through the process. Today the Growthpoint Framework™ is made up of 23 proven systems, tools, and strategies with hundreds of templates, worksheets, and checklists that make achieving freedom and profit in any businesses simple and fast.

Around that same time, a few friends reached and asked me to help them grow their own business. Those first few people were instrumental in helping me improve and perfect many of these systems. Since then I’ve gone on to coach, train, and help many others make more money, build amazing teams they can trust, and free up time to live their dreams…

It Worked For These People & It Can Work For You Too

Greg Davis

Greg Davis

Owner of Greg Davis Insurance Agency

When we met, Greg had changed his career from Music Pastor to Insurance Agent. He needed customers and a system of identifying what marketing activities were working. So, we met for 90-days to clarify his USP and Guarantee and installed a Tactical Marketing Plan.

The results were so dramatic that the company’s state corporate office took notice and honored him publicly with an award as a top performer. He has taken the systems we installed and has become a regular top producing agent in the company; outperforming agents throughout the entire the United States year after year.

Lawrence Long III

Lawrence Long III

President of L.V. Long & Associates

Lawrence owns a Business Development and Manufacturing Consultancy. He and I applied the PROFITzone Formula to his business during our first coaching session and discovered that by making a few free, tiny changes in his business he could increase his profit by 156%. Today, a few years later, we’ve implemented a Productivity Plan, Sales Management System, and a Growthpoint Strategy Plan to take his company, and leadership, to its full potential. His business now stretches across multiple states in the U.S. and soon will be global.

Tom Holley

Tom Holley

Owner of Full Circle Cleaning

Tom needed to get some clarity for his business, and in one coaching session, we created a 12-month action plan that would fix his cashflow problems and increase his monthly profit by 120% without spending any additional money on software, staff, or advertising.

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Business Breakthrough Mastery Workshop, Freedom & Profitability

You can achieve your freedom faster than you thought possible… finally, stop working too many hours for too little money… finally, stop delaying the lifestyle you and your family deserve to get from your hard work.

When you sign up for Freedom & Profitability, here’s what you get instantly:


Reignite your reason for being in business and enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly what to do next to reach your goals.


Implement proven systems you can use to make your business run smoothly and produce predictable results.


Join an exclusive community of other ambitious owners as you keep eachother accountable and build your businesses.


Master your marketing, cashflow, team building, and personal freedom with the tools in each lesson.


Unlock your full business potential and freedom  with the guidance of a business coach with real business experience.


Learn powerful money, team, and time strategies that get dramatic results without costing you years of trial.


Discover how you can grow your business faster than you thought possible while creating more personal freedom to focus on your goals and priorities.

Leverage the worksheets, exercises, templates, and checklists in each module, so that you can quickly identify and implement each system your business needs without confusion and without difficulty.

Utilize a weekly group coaching calls with myself and other business experts where we will take as much time as necessary to answer your questions, work through your business, and get you the results you want.

Five Simple Systems to Freedom & Profitability

Freedom & Profitability is simple to learn and quick to execute.  There are only five pillar-systems you need to grow your business and reach your goals – ATTRACT, CONVERT, DELIVER, STEWARD, and LEVERAGE.


Module 1: Attract Better Leads

STEP #1 – The first growth-point in your business is your Attraction system. This is where you use a proven systems to automatically and predictably attract your ideal client’s attention, and motivate them to raise their hand to identify themselves and engage with your company. In the Attract system of your business, it is crucial to get crystal clear with your marketing message, value ladder, and attraction strategies.

You might have the best product in the world. And you might even have the best salespeople in the industry. However, if you can’t attract automatically the right people to predictably engage with your business, then you will always struggle to build the momentum your business needs to really give you the profit and freedom you want. Does that make sense?


Module 2: Convert More Clients

STEP #2 – Okay, the second growth-point is your Conversion system. This is where you convert your ideal prospects into ideal clients. Using a combination of automated technology, highly skilled salespeople, and intentional communication, you will build a system to help educate your ideal customers to identify the problems they face and the desires they want, so they can make a wise decision to in choosing a solution-provider they can trust.

It’s important to note here, that there are many businesses that use salespeople to fuel the attraction system too. However, this combined system of Attraction & Conversion is extremely antiquated, inefficient, expensive, and very hard to scale. There may be a few exceptions out there, but I have yet to find them.

You’re in a much more profitable position if you let technology do the attracting, shrink the size of your sales team, and use the money you’ll save to hire the best salespeople and sales trainers. You will grow much more predictably and profitably by doing it this way.

Module 3: Deliver WOW

STEP #3 – Your businesses third growth-point is your Delivery system. This is the system where you’ll deliver your client’s purchased results. Through a meticulously designed process your new ideal client’s experience, expectations, and results delivered, and exceeded, with “WOW” intentionally engineered into the process.

I can’t communicate strong enough how crucial it is to overdeliver on every promises that your sales team has made if you want to move your ideal client to a raving fan who buys everything you offer. This is one of the major differences between the wildly successful businesses and those that struggle to keep up with the average industry growth.

Module 4: Steward Relationships & Resources

STEP #4 – The fourth growth-point in your business has is your Stewardship system. This is where profit and growth is created by stewarding the resources of your business to achieve your vision. These resources are time, team, cash, profit, and all relationships with clients, team members, vendors, suppliers, and strategic partners.

The better job you do at creating the first three pillar-systems, the more resources there will be to steward and the faster they will multiply.

Module 5: Leverage Momentum

STEP #5 – The fifth growth-point in your business is your Leverage system. This is where you leverage your current resources and relationships to feed your Attraction systems and grow the business. You can do this through upsells, securing repeat business, systematically gathering referrals, and reinvesting your profits to level-up your business growth.

You get it all when you join the Freedom & Profitability coaching program.

Plus, If You Sign Up Right Now, You Will Get The Following 3 Bonuses… FREE!


Bonus #1 - PROFITzone Report

Today, when you take fast action and sign up for Freedom & Profitability, you will receive a PROFITzone Report. This 10-page, comprehensive financial analysis of your company helps you beat your competition and leverage your company’s full financial potential.

Value: $497.00

Bonus #2 - Live Event Tickets

Also as a reward for signing up for the Freedom & Profitability Program, you will receive one free ticket to Freedom & Profitability Live. Join an elite group of business owners for a 3-day intensive workshop where you will get the help of our staff to define your next steps.

Value: $2,997

Bonus #3 - Personal Coaching

Finally, I will personally coach you 1-on-1 for seven weeks after the program to set you up for long-term success, so you will experience your goals. You will have seven 60-minute coaching sessions and seven weeks of unlimited voice, text and email access to me.

Value: $7,782

What Does Your Business Breakthrough Look Like?

You’ve heard the success stories of about business owners who spent years fighting for their business success with little to show for it, and then something happens…

In one year they double their business… and they double it again the next year… and the year after that too!

What creates this kind of sudden breakthrough (or as I like to call it “the growth-point”)? What what changed?

They simply discovered what successful owners have known all along… the right systems, tools, and strategies create powerful momentum.

You can experience the same “growth-point” breakthrough in your own business too, but…

You Have a Decision to Make…

You can choose to do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You will spend the next decade or more working around the clock and missing out on your best life while trying to figure it out on your own. But is that really the road you want to take?

Or you can choose to take a new action and get a new result. Finally choose to get rid of the frustration, overwhelm, and stress… skip to the front of the line… choose the freedom your family deserves.

After all, isn’t that what you really want?

Get Started Now For Free!

I invite you to take advantage of our “First Coaching Call Free” policy. Call me so we can talk about this. About whether I can help you and your business.

We’ll have a short conversation, there will be absolutely no high-pressure selling, and even if you don’t ever do business with me, I promise to give you strategies & ideas that will help you.

To get started for free, click the button below to book a time to talk, fill out the application, and dramatically speed up your journey toward Freedom & Profitability.


You may be wondering what happened with my Dad?

Five years after closing his business my dad realized that, like you and I, he couldn’t stand building someone else’ dream… he was unemployable.

I had the honor and the privilege of working at his side as a business partner in a company we started. We had a lot of fun, learned a ton, and to this day he still runs the company we built. And when he’s not running the business, he and my mom can be found taking care of Harry, their horse, and small farm both of which were lifelong dreams of theirs.

You already know, it’s not an option to go build someone else’s dream. Invest 45-minutes with a business coach today… to talk about how you can finally get your business breakthrough and whether we can help you grow your business faster with a new strategy.

We’ll have a short conversation, there will be absolutely no high-pressure selling, and even if you don’t ever get more coaching, I promise to give you strategies & ideas that will help you.

In fact, if you feel I wasted your time, then I’ll pay you $100!