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The FASTEST WAY to get the results you want… faster than you thought possible.

I invite you to ask yourself… right now if you’re willing:

Which area or areas of my business do I really want to experience more freedom and fulfillment? 

Is it your TIME?

Do you need more freedom to do what matter most? Are you the first to come in and the last to leave, and feeling like all the questions, issues, customer complaints, and fires that need to be put out make the hours in your day vanish into thin air? Do you miss your kid’s practices, games, recitals, and even the weekends because you’re so exhausted or worse yet, you’re  stuck at the office trying to come to a peaceful finish before the entire thing starts over again the next day… next week… next month?

We use proven systems that free up time, so you can live your dream faster than you thought possible.

Is it your TEAM?

Are you spending hours of your time and thousands of your dollars to hire & train people only for them to not work out or quit months later? Do you find yourself wondering why your employees only do what you ask instead of what actually needs to be done? Are you tired of listening to the complaining and drama? Does the thought of the thousands of payroll dollars you and your family sacrifice on unproductive, unimportant, wasteful activity each week of every month all year long?

You will transform your employees into an engaged, high-performance team you can trust with our process.

Is it your MONEY?

Do you need more customers, but cannot afford to pay for another “magic-bullet” marketing gimmick that doesn’t add real dollars to your bottom line? Do you feel like a miracle worker multiple times every month as you juggle the uncollected invoices and unpaid bills while trying to give your family and employees some sort of security with each week’s paycheck? Are you using more and more of your credit line… month by month… year by year?

We’ll show you the secrets that the most successful entrepreneurs use to create consistent increases year after year!

Is it your MOTIVATION?

Maybe everything in your life just needs to be ratcheted up a bit — or a lot! Do you wonder why some days you wake up feeling super-charged, ready to tackle anything and everything with all you are, but then the next day you just feel… flat?

We can most definitely help!

Our 3 Step Process Is Simple.

Step 1 - Book a Free Strategy Session

This is not a sales pitch.  

You’ll have a short conversation with a qualified business coach. There will be absolutely no high-pressure selling, and even if you don’t ever get more coaching, we promise to give you strategies & ideas that will help you. 

In fact, if you feel we wasted your time, then we will pay you $100!

Step 2 - Get Clarity & a Custom Strategy

On the strategy session we’re going to dive deep into your business, your goals, and get absolute clarity on how to achieve them… FAST.

You’ll finish your strategy call with a custom strategy on how to realistically reach your goals and remove the roadblocks you face to get amazing results.

At the end if you want more help, and we feel you and your business is a good fit, may invite you to join Growthpoint Coach.

Step 3 - Take Action & Experience Results

The Growthpoint Coach Program is only open to the public a few times a year or by invite-only to our Freedom & Profitability Workshop Alumni.

This program is for owners who are 100% committed to building companies that have impact and influence over their industry, community, and the culture around them while experiencing the full spectrum of freedoms that this sort of business provides..

In full disclosure, we do NOT accept everyone into Growthpoint Coach.

We’re Serious About Getting Results.

And because the only thing stopping you from getting results is your ability to implement the Growthpoint Framework… well, we’re choosy about who we’re going to work with.

There is no pressure from us.

To be transparent, we turn people away to other programs, books, or coaches more often than not. It’s a part of our commitment to serving all small business owners, and we take it seriously.

If you're serious about reaching your goals, let's get started...

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“I took notice of David’s wisdom early in our friendship and because of this, I’ve asked David to perform critical functions on every significant opportunity my business has been afforded. I highly endorse and consume David’s coaching insights. I think you’d be wise to do the same.”

Lawrence Long III

President, L.V. Long & Associates, LLC