One of the most common mistakes business owners make this time of year is thinking goal setting will work in their business.

Nearly everyone sets New Year Resolutions, makes commitments, and sets goals this time of year. And it’s painful to watch people set the same goals year after year… hoping that THIS year will be different than the last… that THIS year will FINALLY be the year of breakthrough.

Successful business owners — those who have the freedom of time and freedom of cash in their business — are the ones who ACHIEVE their goals; not just set their goals.

So how do you achieve your goals this year?

Well, SETTING goals is the beginning, but if you didn’t reach your goals last year, you probably won’t THIS year either. That’s because there are underlying issues in your business you need to address first.

Here are 3 areas, in my opinion, that have to be locked down in order to give your business goals ACHIEVEMENT POWER in 2017. read more…