After I closed the doors on my first business, I had a decision to make: Either drop the idea of owning a business and go get a job… or re-tool, re-learn, and go at it again. Thankfully, I chose the second option and became a life-long student of business.

In the decade since that decision, I’ve discovered 21 strategies that every business leader can use to grow a healthy, profitable, and sustainable company. I call them the 21 Growthpoint StrategiesTM, and they are exactly what I use to systematically grow my clients profits by at least 68% while building  a high-performing team to run the day-to-day operations, so my clients have the freedom to do what matters most to them.

I’m passionate about business done right and helping business owners achieve success in life through their business. This passion has lead to the start of Growthpoint Coaching, Inc. and the dedicated pursuit of my client’s success… your success! 

David Robertson

Founder, Growthpoint Coaching Co.

3 Important Things to Know About Your Business Coach: David Robertson

#1 – Experienced Business Leader & Entrepreneur

David is the founder and head business coach of the Growthpoint Coaching Company. As an entrepreneur David has started, run, grown, and profitably exited several businesses since 2003. His companies have given him industry experience in construction, marketing, financial services, and insurance. David has been coaching owners and entrepreneurs since 2011.He has led a thriving Entrepreneurial Round Table and started his own coaching firm in 2012 known today as Growthpoint Business Coaching Co. In 2016, his first year as a full-time business coach he trained and coached over 50 business leaders and teams responsible for over $36 million in revenue and creating over 150 jobs. He has led a thriving Entrepreneurial Round Table and started his own coaching firm in 2012 known today as Growthpoint Business Coaching Co.

#2 – Trainer, Speaker, Writer, and Business Coach

In 2014 David was invited to join the ranks of a global network of business trainers and coaches with Kingdom Business Coaching International, and has been certified as a Biblical Entrepreneurship instructor. David helps owners of service based companies Add At Least 68% More Profit to Their Bottom Line and Create 40 Extra Hours of Free Time Each Month Without Spending More Money On Staff,Software, or Advertising.

David’s clients receive best-in-class coaching and enjoy the benefits of David’s global network of business trainers, coaches, and experts in 24 countries around the world.

#3 – Devoted Family Man and Lifelong Student

David is happily married to his high school sweetheart and best friend, Nicole. Together they are raising their son William.

David is a voracious reader of titles on business, leadership, marketing, management, theology, philosophy and spirituality. He loves music, playing the guitar, and eating good food with great people.