About The Growthpoint Coaching Co.

Our Mission: Give Business Owners the Systems, Tools, Strategies & Support They Need to Experience Dramatic Business Growth & Complete Personal Freedom.

Today, Millions of People Woke Up Wondering, “What Will Today Be Like?”

At the Growthpoint Coaching Company this questions if a foregone conclusion: Today will be profitable, productive, and business will be fun.

Our team of qualified business coaches show owners how to wake up each and every day with confidence and clarity about the future of their business. We do this by coaching, training, and helping them implement systems, tools, and strategies that are proven to get results.

Just imagine, what would it be like to wake up every morning excited to get to work because business is fun again. Or to be able to increase your profit with very little effort. Or be able to take a day off to spend with the family because you have proven systems and a team you can trust doing all the “heavy lifting.”

The only thing stopping the Growthpoint Coaching program from getting results in your ability to implement.

That’s it. 

If you can take action, fill out templates, forms and a few worksheets, then you can do this…

We Provide 4 Free Paths to Freedom & Profitability (Plus One Premium Path For Those Who Want It Faster!)

  1. Free Growthpoint Newsletter – Weekly action guides, systems, and strategies for building a better business, becoming a better leader, and leaving a lasting legacy.
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  3. Free Online Master Class – Learn four simple keys to creating profitable, on-demand business growth in your business.
  4. Free Private Coaching Session – We’ll dive into your business, your goals, and get absolute clarity on how to reach them… FAST. Plus you’ll get a custom strategy on how to get there. We dare you to try our coaching services and not want more. šŸ˜‰

  5. Freedom & Profitability Coaching – The fastest pathway to results now has three options. Experience the freedom and profitability you deserve with the help of highly trained, qualified Growthpoint coaches!

Our Clients, Readers, And Subscribers Are Getting Results!


“Through your training and coaching, you have enabled me to connect with more people than ever before.”

Greg Davis

Owner, Farmers Insurance Agency


“His valuable knowledge and insightful questions have helped me define problems that prevent growth in my business, create solutions to solve them and develop easy-to-follow steps to get there.”

Liz Joy

Owner, Abundant Joy Designs


“His insights may seem mundane and normal to him, but are transformative for those around him.”

Lawrence Long III

President, L.V. Long & Associates

Company Info

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the Growthpoint Coaching Company was founded in 2015 by David Robertson. David has been helping business owners experience freedom and profitability since 2011. We’ve had the honor and privilege of coaching and training some of the most powerful leaders and teams behind the fastest growing companies in their industries. Our clients are, literally, lead-performers in the Insurance & Financial Services, Construction, Business Development, Personal Fitness, and Medical Practice industries.
Our systems, tools, and strategies combined with coaching gets results. As a coaching client you will discover exactly how to increase your profit by at least 68% and turn your employees into a unified, productive team that is motivated to reach your business goals. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then Growthpoint Coaching will work for you.