About David Robertson,

Founder of Growthpoint Coaching Co.

Why am I a Business Coach?

growing up, I watched my dad build two extremely successful insurance agencies. Life seemed really good for my family from the outside looking in. 

However, behind the curtains, the reality was quite different.

In high school, my dad had become more and more stressed out, tired, and frustrated. Eventually, he burned out altogether. After more than 25 years, it all came crashing down my sophomore year when he abruptly shut the business, moved our family to “the other side of town,” and took a job at a local hardware store.

For the next few years, my family struggled to stay together. My mom and dad seperated a few months before I left for college. And everything I thought was solid in life and business had fallen apart. 

I remember my dad telling me that he wasn’t good at the business side… he didn’t manage people well… and that he was tired of missing his life for a dream that would never come true…

David Robertson

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4 Important Things to Know About
Your Business Coach: David Robertson

#1 – Entrepreneur & Business Coach

As an entrepreneur, David’s companies have given him industry experience in construction, marketing, financial services, and insurance. In 2011, David began coaching when a friend asked for help to grow his company. After achieving record breaking results, he outlined his process. At the end of 2015, David founded Growthpoint Coaching Company. Since then he has trained and coached over 50 business leaders and teams with revenues ranging from $250,000 to more than $30 Million.

#2 – Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

As a marketing strategist and copywriter, David has produced some of the top-performing marketing campaigns in their industries. Some of the metrics he can boast are 60% + email open rates, 23% cold direct mail response rates, and 32% lead conversion from cold paid traffic. David’s clients have been both regionally and nationally recognized for the results from marketing campaigns directly related to David’s coaching.

#3 – Creator of the Growthpoint Business Framework

David is the creator of the Growthpoint Business Framework™ which is a rapid growth method for starting, running, and growing a company that produces great amounts of freedom and profitability for business owners. The framework includes 24 proven, plug-and-play systems, tools, and strategies that are used to generate the profit and freedom successful entrepreneurs enjoy from their businesses. Customizing and installing this framework is made simple with the hundreds of forms, checklists, templates, and worksheets David makes available to his clients so they can grow their business faster. 

#3 – Devoted Family Man, Lifelong Student & Disciple

David is happily married to his high school sweetheart, and best friend, Nicole. Together they are raising their son William.

David is a voracious reader of titles on all aspects of business, leadership, theology, psychology, and creating positive, lasting change. He loves having an impact on cultural mountains, playing the guitar, and eating good food with great people.

David is a committed disciple of Jesus, who radically transformed his life through an amazing story (you have to ask).